To Be!


“To be, or not to be?” (The opening phrase of a soliloquy in the “Nunnery Scene” of William Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet”.) That is the question!

This picture has nothing to do with art. Even tho this guy is handsome and artistic inclined, but… never the less…

This will be my sketchbook of sorts. Nothing for Nothing… but for me. So let’s get started shall we.

I’m tall, dark and handsome. Well, I’m kind of tall, depending on how you look at me. I’m not really dark, that just sounds good. I’m actually a light redneck tan. Not really light or redneck but… never mind. I am handsome. 🙂

I like long walks on the beach. Well, not to long, I get tired. Yea, that’s it,  I like setting on the beach watching the sunset. Well, even that is about 5 minutes, so pretty much anything involving setting on the beach and relaxing. Except when the tide comes in. Then you got to move! I see life in a different light. Except at night when its dark, then I’m sleeping.

OK. enough joking around. I’m a very complex man.
You can stop laughing now.
Seriously, Stop!

🙂 What is life if you can’t laugh.


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