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The Magician 

Posted: January 10, 2017 in My Journal, Paintings
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This is a 16×20 acrylic on canvas of an artist (The Magician) creating a picture of Jesus. This magicians tool are in front of him or her for the project ahead.

This was inspired by a drawing I did a long time ago. Check it out.

In this drawing it was originally going to be Jesus instead of the lady. I didn’t like how Jesus came out so she was formed.

This newest version has now became my favorite. It’s not perfect, it makes you think and I can’t help but smile.

Well, until next time.



Posted: November 30, 2016 in Drawings, My Journal, Portraits
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For the first time in my adult life. I took a chance and entered two art competition last month with the Artist Network Online. One was the Annual Mixed Media Competition and the other was the Shades of Grey Competition. I entered my drawing of Jesus for the mixed media competition cause it was the first contest I came across and I really thought my Jesus “though technically a spiritual figure” had a lot of detail and skills I thought.


I then came across the Shades of Grey Competition and thought, well, I should enter for this as well. So I did.

Today, I got a courtesy email for the Shades of Grey.


Thank you once again for participating in the Shades of Gray Competition. As a courtesy, we wanted to let you know that judging has wrapped up; at this time we have now been in touch with all winners and honorable mentions. This courtesy update is sent on behalf of each entry that was submitted, but not selected as a winner. If you entered multiple entries, you may receive more than one courtesy update email. If you were contacted earlier regarding a winning entry, this email does not reflect that entry.

We want to extend a great thank you to the many artists who entered Drawing’s fifth annual Shades of Gray Competition. We received over a thousand entries, and the jurying process was extremely competitive, with dozens of drawings receiving votes from our panel of jurors.

An announcement of the winners will appear in the coming weeks on Artist’s Network, and the winning drawings will appear in the Spring 2017 issue of Drawing.



Warmest Regards,
Shades of Gray Team


Last night I watched “The Voice


and in one of the songs had said…
“You can chase a dream that seems so out of reach and you know it might not ever come your way, Dream it anyway” – “Anyways” by Martina McBride

That was an inspiration to keep me going with my art but then there are these times like today when one can think… Whats the point?

Looking at the drawing now
I can see that it could be better compared to other artist I follow and who inspire me.


Then I just realized that this drawing may not be my best of works
and I should keep trying. To each his/her own I guess.

Besides, maybe God has me were he wants me for now.
There’s always tomorrow.

So, I’ll just Dream it anyways.
Until next time, Later.