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Work in progress…

Posted: February 2, 2017 in Paintings, Portraits

First time I’m trying to do a “portrait” in acrylic.


The Magician 

Posted: January 10, 2017 in My Journal, Paintings
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This is a 16×20 acrylic on canvas of an artist (The Magician) creating a picture of Jesus. This magicians tool are in front of him or her for the project ahead.

This was inspired by a drawing I did a long time ago. Check it out.

In this drawing it was originally going to be Jesus instead of the lady. I didn’t like how Jesus came out so she was formed.

This newest version has now became my favorite. It’s not perfect, it makes you think and I can’t help but smile.

Well, until next time.


Posted: January 4, 2017 in Paintings, Star Wars

So I got a pack of canvas board and it came with boards. Here is the last of the three but I have got to do more of these to have a cool collection. I’m not to over joyed with Leia but I will do for now.

May the force be with you.


Posted: December 30, 2016 in Paintings, Star Wars
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Boys will be boys and play with there toys. I just turned 41 Christmas Day. I’m to old I guess to have the toy but it doesn’t stop me from painting it.

I had fun doing this BB8 from Star Wars.


Posted: December 29, 2016 in Paintings, Star Wars

I wanted to have a little fun and so I stepped over to the Dark Side for a bit. 🙂 Acrylic 6×16 canvas board.

May the force be with you.

Christmas Day

Posted: December 24, 2016 in Paintings

I would have liked this painting to be better. I think I could have done better but at some point I came to a block. I think it turn out cool though.

The thing about art is that you can create more. 

Merry Christmas 🎁