The Multi Layer Cross Project

So, for Christmas I have been known to create gifts for others. Well, I made these as gifts for the fam for Christmas.

It went over really well and I got a lot of “you should try to make more and sell”.

I thought about it and I did have a lot of fun making them, so… Here I go again on making another set of ten. If i do make a sell, it will be his will, not mine. Tho, it will not stop me from trying to help him out. Lol

This is what i did this weekend. I still got a lot to do but hey, it feel good working this process out.

I literally drew these in 3D using SketchUp online. Got my measurements and a plan laid out. It’s always good to get a good idea of what your going to do before hand, plus, it was fun.

I’ll keep posting my progress so check back later.

Still got details, sanding, staining and assembly to do on this set. So, it might be a minute. Lol.

Anyways, have a good week everyone.


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