My Younger Mirror!

Posted: March 6, 2016 in Categorized, Drawings, My Journal

First night, Seagrove Beach Fl, I haven’t seen my little brother in a very long time. With me in Texas and him in Florida, it makes it hard to just get up and go see him. 

He looked good and it was like looking in a 19 year younger mirror. It’s been around 11 years since I seen him last and it was good to catch up. One thing that was cool is that he was into tattoos. I remember I had drew him one some years back and I shared it with him last night.

It was a battle between good and evil idea, set for his chest to connect his two shoulders and there tattoos.When I drew it, I thought of a book called “The Lost Symbol”. The “villain” in the story had a lot of issues going on and over many years he had covered his body with tattoos. When thinking of a tat to draw I thought of a two headed bird tat that was on the chest of this character. If you haven’t read the story it’s a very good book. It’s by the same author of De Vince Code and Angles n Demons. I think his name was Dan Brown.

Anyways, here the tat I drew.

With the first day of vacation done it time for another long drive to reach our next stop, Palm Harbor Fl. Until next time. 



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