There Shall Come That Day.

In the past I have wrote poems. Good or bad I have kept up with some of them. They may have been a little rough on the spelling and punctuation but I was thinking I could keep them here for safe keeping. If and when my loved ones ever come across this blog they could find my poems as well.


Truth be told, they do inspire vision of drawings I could create. If I do, I could always come back and add to these poems with a nice, cool drawing. So without further a due.

There shall come that day

when this women comes to me.
She will be all that I had hoped and
the fairest in history.
She will be seen as this beauty,
this shining ray of light.
She shall set a glow
Even in the darkest of night.
This women will capture the meaning of her life
She will walk among us taking everything in stride.

She shall fear nothing and love all
Let no man put her under and let no man fall.
I will touch her face in complete amazement,
for I shall know she was heaven sent.

I shall embrace her being and fall even more in love.
I shall praise her essence as a gift from above.
I shall feel as I have known her before
But this women I now see…
Is grown to be something beautifully more.

I know…
There shall come that day

When she will have to leave and I will have to let her go.
For some other man is at the door but… she shall know,

that she forever will have my love.
For this women that stands before me
shall always be known as… My Dear Sweet Sophia.


I wrote this some time back but she’s 7 about to be eight now and it still holds true.
Love you Sophia!



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