My fine feathery friend.

Posted: February 26, 2016 in Categorized, Poems

There’s a lot of images in this one that I will attempt to convey one day. Enjoy!


A Blue Jay Speaks…..
Why are the trees so tall
and there roots so deep?
Why do the leaves fall
and the bark still keeps?
The wind is still blowing
And the weathers still change.
Everything still growing
yet constantly staying the same.
Time is flying
at the moment of being still
The water is flowing
With just the power of will.
Why does the sun burn
and the moon left cold?
Why is the distance between them two
are filled with stars of old?
What are the letters
that come up with these thoughts?
What is the answer
That I never got….?

and The Squirrel  Says…
Riddle me this
My fine feathery friend.
What do you call flying
if you don’t know were you’ve been?


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