The :Punisher and :)eadPool Selfie

Posted: January 27, 2016 in Comics
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I love comics. Tho i do like the story telling of them all, it’s the art of a comic that interest me. The image above was for my Facebook page. I’m always looking for that best image to represent my page. I want it to be a drawing that I have drawn and seeing as tho this drawing came out ok, I made it so.

This to the right is the original drawing I did. The :Punisher was a fairly simple idea until I went over it with a black ink marker. The skull had lost it’s detail or pop of being a skull. Luckily, I had a white pencil. When I used it over the black and rubbed a white shade over it for more detail, it came back to life a bit. Sometimes You don’t know if when you start a drawing that you’ll be able to finish. You might get lost and mess it up. You’ll either have to fix what you can or simply trash it and start over. It’s always awesome tho if you make it to the end of your idea and step back and say “well, that was fun and it looks cool.”

After I did :P-unisher I started in on :D-eadpool. He’s a fairly controversial character. They both are for that matter. Both not very well popular as those like Superman, Batman, Thor and such but :D-pool is trying to make his way. I think they are trying to remake the old :P-unisher movie, but we’ll see how that turns out. The new :D-pool movie is coming, if it isn’t out already but the thing is, I can’t allow my kids to watch it. He’s more of an adult character anyways. Artistically, He’s a very cool design. I might want to do a couple more drawings of him just because he can be funny. 😀

So there you have it for this post. It was just a fun drawing to do. I did this maybe a week ago or so. I’ll be posting more drawing from different time periods as I go along. I will also being trying to keep up with a daily drawing type of deal. It’s good for the soul 😉


Questions for this post: Can I post about things that I have drawn, even if it’s about comics? or would there be a copyright issue?


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